Okay, that's not exactly true. Actually, that's not true at all. But you probably bought it because that's how good of an actor I am. (I was eleven years old in that header photo, though.)

All jokes aside...

I did take an acting class in college, and while I'm clearly meant to be in front of the camera, I sometimes prefer working off-screen.

I've written, directed, and edited my own short film (for funsies), recruiting a small group of friends to help me shoot it. I am constantly developing ideas for sitcoms and movies, drafting some into pilots and screenplays. Want to hear some of my ideas? Hit me up!

But that's enough about me.

Here's more about me:

i make things entertaining and informative.

In the second episode of the web series I developed with the Movers.com content team--a parody of the show MythBusters--I play a genuinely nice guy who has a surprising revelation about himself.

I'm #deep.

In a short film I wrote, directed, and edited, two of my friends explore how relationships are like shoes.

I'm a riot.

In a mockumentary web series I created with my brother, I play Dave, a certified pre-owned car salesman with anger issues.