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I've developed a high volume of content for NGA Group's flagship portal,, as well as its Canadian counterpart, This includes how-to guides, blog posts, and creative videos meant to engage our audience and drive traffic to the sites. As part of the content team, I have also managed social media accounts for both and


Types of College Roommates - A short

You're bound to meet plenty of people when you move away to school. Follow Hayley's journey to see some of the characters you might encounter!

HackBusters - A web series

As an integral part of the content team, I conceived a concept for a web series: a spoof of MythBusters in which hosts put "moving hacks" to the test each episode. I have taken ownership of this production, formulating episode ideas, writing scripts, planning and directing shoots, video editing, and sometimes even starring. (Personally, I think my best work is in Episode 2!)

How to videos

Ana takes you through the steps of how to make your own watermelon shark for Shark Week. It's a great way to serve a fruit salad! - Moving guides

Recently, we've decided to develop more "fun" content--in the form of BuzzFeed-style listicles. Using eye-catching GIFs and memes, I've written various moving-related posts in the hopes of having one go viral. These posts aren't quite as informative as our previous content, but their purpose is to bring users to the site. - Moving guides

Part of my job entails researching and writing informative guides about moving and travel for our Canadian moving website, These topics range from practical packing tips, moving with pets, and ways to adjust after your move.