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The Bigger Picture is a Medium publication I started with a fellow writer named Jenna. We draw from personal experiences to publish stories that actually resonate. We've added some new writers to the mix, gaining more than 15,000 followers on the Medium platform alone. Email us at biggerpicturemedium [at] gmail.com to submit a story!


Dating Me: Choose Your Own Adventure

Piggybacking off a "choose your own adventure" story I created in 2015, I constructed an all-too-real interactive fiction project. The story takes readers through the journey of dating me, covering monumental moments such as meeting my family, our first fight, and saying "I love you." Featured on the Medium home page, my project received over 1,000 unique views within 24 hours of being published.


Dr. Jeremy | a serial fiction project

This is a series of stories written from the perspective of Ben, a thirtysomething slacker who begins posing as his psychiatrist brother to impress a girl. Unable to solve his own problems, Ben puts himself in a position to solve everyone else's. Through listening to other people's issues, he learns about responsibility, commitment, and--most importantly--himself.


A Modern 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

This story is a creative project I built, in the style of those popular 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books from my childhood. My narrative follows Donovan the Dinosaur, a T-rex just trying to make it in today's world. The story offers twists and turns, so be sure to read carefully and choose wisely. Over 7,000 people have taken the journey so far.



A Conversation about rape | special 4-part series

In this series of stories and articles, I use inspiration from an informal interview with somebody close to me who survived rape and sexual abuse. Channeling her stories and experiences, I explore the societal problem of rape culture, its effects on victims, and potential ways to get past the unimaginable.


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