If you'd like to find out more about what I can do for you or your business or publication, I'd be happy to chat. I'll do just about anything from content marketing to landing page copy to putting a bumper sticker with your company's logo on it on the back of my car.

Take a look at some of my freelance projects below.

Essig Magazine is an online and print publication that pushes people to realize they're part of something bigger than themselves. In Essig's Spring 2016 issue--which focused on themes of mental illness, sexual abuse, and abortion--you can find a piece I wrote that illustrates a young girl's experiences with sexual abuse and her ongoing struggle with rape culture. Weaving a narrative with firsthand accounts, I was able to capture one woman's story--from victimization to clarity.

Passion River Films is a film distribution company that specializes in documentaries and independent films. These are some tweets I generated to promote films Passion River assigned me. One is a recent release called Twinsters, the story of two adopted twins who were separated at birth and found each other twenty-five years later through social media. The other is an upcoming Netflix documentary about former governor and presidential candidate Romney simply entitled Mitt.