Fun we're serious about


Along with my brother (a Late Show page, film major, and former 60 Minutes intern) and some close friends, I've written, directed, edited, and starred in various YouTube videos. These productions include some short mockumentaries and other humorous sketches, namely our Untold Stories series, as well as a deeper short film entitled Shoes.



In this noir-style short, a young man is found dead, and three detectives are there to investigate.

Untold Stories

State farm Agent

Next time you do the jingle, think about the lives you might ruin. This is a day in the life of Gary, a State Farm agent. Two cameramen follow him around to examine how his demanding job affects his home life.


Pre-owned car salesman

A day in the life of Dave, a certified pre-owned car salesman.


In this video, we spoof the Kony 2012 video made by Invisible Children, Inc. as part of the organization's "STOP KONY" movement.

*All characters in this video are completely fictional... except Tony. That guy sucks.

Shoes - A Short Film

I'd like to think that relationships are like shoes...