Act Like You've Been There

This past week, I published a piece called What (I Think) I Want in a Medium publication named The Coffeelicious. The publication has over 40,000 subscribers who have the chance to see its content, so it's never a surprise when an article in The Coffeelicious trends on Medium and squeaks its way into the site's Top Stories.

It is, however, a surprise when that article is one of mine.

The day after publishing What (I Think) I Want--a piece about what I'm looking for in a person--its traction carried it into Medium's Top 20 Stories for the day. With almost 300 recommends to date, the post has received nearly 3,000 views.

When I first saw my piece gaining traction, I became overwhelmed with notifications and feedback--both on Twitter and Medium. And it was mostly positive (whew). I decided to check out the site's Top Stories and, sure enough, there it was. I watched my story move from #18 to #17, then force its way up to #12, where it eventually peaked.

I have a personal rule that states, "Act like you've been there," so I don't want to seem too excited about this whole ordeal. (Even though it's pretty cool.) However, I do want to continue expanding my audience and getting my name out there.

Now that I have been there, I can focus on how to get back.